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A beautiful Lady.... is looking for a new owner.  Ready to sail from Kiel or from winter camp in Hamburg.

The following pages are for the description of the classic sailing yacht for the planned sale.

After 23 years....

After 23 years ..... through "thick and thin", this beautiful classic yacht played a role in my life. But now a sale is to be tackled.


No "emergency sale" - well noticed, also no "sale for reasons of age" or "because of considerable defects". The 54-year-old ship is technically in order, the hull is without damage, the masts are new, the sails still usable for years. Only the signs of wear on the paint and here and there on the interior had to be addressed again - until the start of the season ...... as every year .....It is a lot of fun and pleasure to set sail with this yacht and the plans for cruises are far from exhausted.

In May we bring the yacht again "finely dressed" to Kiel for the start of the new season. To 3.10. it goes back to the winter camp.



But after such a long time, I would also like to address other wishes and make sailing sometimes a "minor matter". Therefore, I have set myself the goal to sell the boat in the next 5 years.

If a sale succeeds, then the new owner has the possibility to start from the winter berth in Hamburg or from the summer berth in the heart of the Kiel fjord in many sailing adventures.


retail price

For 80,000 euros you get....

a great ship with excellent sea behavior and good facilities.
a great ship with excellent sea behavior and good facilities.
the possibility of a winter mooring in Hamburg and
to take over a summer mooring in Kiel.

This purchase price should actually be achieved. Unrealistic "wishful thinking" as they formulate the owner in your price expectations are not expressed here.


Contact information

For questions and further information I am at your disposal. An inspection can be arranged at the summer mooring in Kiel.

You can reach me via e-mail particularly easily and quickly.

+4941744389 AB
Postal address
Eberhard Jensen
Hans-Eidig-Weg 6, 21435 Stelle
sale by the owner E. Jensen

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